5th Dimension Healing


Ascension Mastery Tele-Seminar Series
Taught with Assistance from the
Ascended Masters, Archangel Michael and Other Beings of Light

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Here’s what a participant had to say about Ascension Mastery:

“Barbara I want to thank you for guiding me to this new place in my life. In only a few times with you on the phone I’ve experienced emotional shifts, intuitive shifts, awareness shifts, physical shifts and as a result … I’m calmer than ever. This has allowed me to be so much more aware of living in the moment and I’ve become more loving and forgiving of those around me. And that attunement I received from you and the Masters was incredible. After that night I knew and felt that I was clearly connecting with the 5th Dimension, and living so much more from my Intuitive Higher Self. These last weeks have without question been full of ease and the confidence of knowing that so much more is possible for me. Thanks for all you’ve done.”