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If you are struggling with one of the following issues Intuit Success can help. Barbara Rohde is a licensed clinical social worker with nearly 25 years of experience. Prior to her therapy career she obtained an MBA (UVA’s Darden School) and worked in the corporate world. This combination has given her unique understanding of the stresses working adults face both in the workplace and at home. To address these challenges Barbara became certified in hypnotherapy, Eye Movement Integration (used for post-traumatic stress), Matrix Energetics, and many other mind-body modalities. She has worked with hundreds of clients to help with:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Finding and Maintaining a Healthy Relationship
  • Internet Dating
  • Life/Career Transitions
  • Clearing Recent or Past Trauma
  • Aging Parents
  • Grief and Loss

Barbara’s online counseling focuses on establishing a clear straightforward path to meeting your goals, starting with the very first session.

Sometimes a client mainly needs support getting through a process, as in divorce or the death of a family member. Other times they need help to examine and change outmoded thinking and beliefs that are interfering with life success. Or they may need a fully integrated approach that looks at both psychological and physical causes of depression and/or anxiety, with recommendations in both areas to achieve the best results.

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You can contact Barbara by phone or e-mail. Counseling or coaching sessions can be conducted by phone or skype. Provide a brief description of your issue(s), and the best time to reach you (if by phone). We will respond to you within 24 hours and appointments can usually be scheduled within the same week. Want more information? Check out the other pages of Intuit Success now.




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