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You have a true gift — the power to heal

“Barbara, after two weeks of trying to recover from my severe knee injury, I was amazed at the great change that I experienced almost immediately when you worked on my knee, and over the at that! I know that physical presence is not necessary and that healing can be done at anytime, anywhere. My range of motion and mobility went from being very challenging to feeling more at ease with every movement. Since then, the swelling and soreness have continued to diminish day by day.You have a true gift — the power to heal. Thank you so much for your help!” Jay – Ehrhardt, SC


Provided me with the tools I needed to progress

“My interactions with Barbara over the years have been invaluable for many reasons. The most important being, she provided me with the tools I needed to progress with my personal growth, and she helped me stay focused on my soul path. Through my sessions with her, I have come to the belief that there is an opportunity for each and everyone of us to make a meaningful contribution in our life time and Barbara has helped me make the necessary transitions and changes in my life that will allow me to live up to my full potential. Barbara’s greatest strength, however, is that she is always compassionate and never passes judgement on what I say or do.” Naheed V- Chicago, IL


Compassionate and healing energy

“I have had some wonderful healing sessions for both physical and mental ailments. The energy that emanates from Barbara is a peaceful, loving, compassionate, and healing energy.” Patricia W, Arlington, VA

Insightful and amazingly gifted

“I have been working with Barbara for years! She helped me switch from an unfulfilling career as an accountant to following my dream of being an interior designer. I now have a successful interior design business and will be launching a full scale home furnishing line that will help support women overseas. Through the process not only has my career taken off, I have developed as a person beyond what I thought would ever be possible. Barbara is nurturing, insightful and amazingly gifted at helping you set a course for your life and magically manifesting it to fruition.” Tamara M, New York City


Extraordinary patience, strong intuition

“I have worked with Barbara and attended her meditation class for years. Without her extraordinary patience, strong intuition and wise guidance I would be drowning in this crazy sea called ‘life’. I now feel ready to encounter whatever life hurls at me–strong, centered and balanced (at least most of the time). Barbara helped me to find and use the tools I need to ride the waves and encouraged my awakening spirituality which helped me find greater peace. I am so grateful to have these tools to help me navigate my way through life. Thank you.” Liz A- Front Royal, VA